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Microprocessor Design

SAM: A Processor Design for Transparent Code and Data Encryption and Verification


Transparent hardware based protection for microprocessors

Software protection becomes more and more important, especially, when sensitive software is executed on remote hosts. This protection includes copy protection, prevention of disassembling, prevention of altering the program flow and protection of processed data. Granting extended security is very important to increase the acceptance for GRID computing by preventing data and algorithm disclosure. For personal computers protection is more focussed on copy protection.

SAM is a microprocessor extension providing a transparent data and instruction encryption and verification. This prevents attacks even from attackers with full hardware access like administratos. Tampering attempts are detected and result in an immediate program termination. Hence, only unmodified programs can be executed and each program terminating normally is unmodified.


Fields: Processor and operating system design
Contact: Jörg Platte

Please download a poster describing the project.


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