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Projects of the embedded systems group


The following table gives an overview of the current and already completed projects of the embedded systems group.


Current projects

Project title Kind of project Contact person
Passive Infrared Localization DFG-Project Jürgen Kemper
Caldaros - An Open Source out-of-the-box OSGi distribution Research Tobias Wegner


Closed projects

Project title Kind of project Contact person
Sindrion - Development of a management software for ubiquitous systems Cooperation Tobias Wegner
C(ooperative)-OSGi - Development of a distributed, virtual OSGi framework Research Tobias Wegner
Autonous robots in intelligent environments Project group Jürgen Kemper
Robot localization and navigation Project group Jürgen Kemper
SAM: Transparent Encryption and Verification for Microprocessors Hard- and software design Jürgen Kemper
Ambient Intelligence Showroom Demonstrator Peter Resch
Ultrasound based localization of humans Project group Jürgen Kemper
Trusted Computing Seminar Jürgen Kemper
EIBlue - Development of a dynamic EIB Bluetooth Bridge Cooperation Peter Resch